Cert. In Healthcare Assistant

Healthcare assistants (HCAs) work in hospital or community. The role can be varied depending upon the healthcare setting.

Most commonly, HCAs work alongside nurses and are sometimes known as nursing auxiliaries or auxiliary nurses. HCAs also work alongside qualified midwives in maternity services.

Health care Assistants aide professional staff by visiting clients, preparing written reports and verbal reports and helping clients and careers with personal care tasks

Students are taken through courses such as Health Psychology, Client Care, Health Education, Basic Care, Pharmacology, Medical and Surgical Nursing, Health Service Management, Infection Prevention, Geriatric Nursing, Nutrition, Community Health, Reproductive Health and Entrepreneurial Skills.

Job Description

  • Provides care for the sick, aged or disabled
  • Constructs, adjusts and fits aids and equipment, assists in self-care, skills of daily living
  • Assists clients with exercise or rehabilitations programs, adjusts equipment to suite client’s needs, and demonstrates use of equipment.
  • Washing and dressing
  • Serving patients meals and assisting with feeding when necessary
  • Helping people to mobilise
  • Bed making
  • Generally assisting with patients’ overall comfort.
  • Monitoring patients’ conditions by taking temperatures, pulse, respirations and weight.
  • An HCA may also work alongside some healthcare scientists, for example with audiologists, helping them to investigate and treat diseases.

Duration of Programme

1 year, 6 months

Entry Requirements

  • SSSCE/WASSCE with five {6} passes or equivalent (SSSCE: A-E WASSCE: A1-D7)
  • Mature applicant must be 25 years and above with 1 year working experience.
  • Must pass selection of interview [oral and written]