Cert. In Dispensing Assistant

This programme covers essential courses such as book keeping, preparation of health insurance claims form, stock control, retail skills, the classification of medicines, abuse and misuse of medicines, referral to the pharmacist and product knowledge. This course develops confidence at the counter and provides in-depth product knowledge and advanced communication skills in preparing a dispensing assistant for challenges. The individual’s knowledge is also broadened with the infusion of courses such as Health Psychology, Health Education and Client Care

Dispensing Assistant Job Description

They assist pharmacists in a hospital, clinic or retail pharmacy. Not only do dispensary assistants fill medicine prescriptions but also update patients’ medication record on a regular basis. They provide auxiliary services in pharmacy shops and other pharmaceutical industries in the country


1 year.

Entry Requirements

  • SSCE/WASSCE with five {6} passes or equivalent (SSSCE: A-E WASSCE: A1-D7)
  • Mature applicants with working experience in pharmacy shop / Dispensing workers and Healthcare Assistant can apply.

Job opportunities for Dispensing Assistants

  • Mainly on the pharmaceutical sector

Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Assist in packaging
  • Labeling

Distribution /marketing

  • Marketing Assistance


  • Generation of invoicing
  • Assist in the procurement procedure
  • Assist in warehouse management


  • Shop attendant

Hospital Pharmacy

  • Assist in all dispensary activities
  • Preparation of National Health Insurance Claims Form